Solar Powered Garden Lights

Bring Your Garden Back to Life With Solar Powered Garden Lights

It doesn’t matter how large or small your garden. Transform your garden from a dark lonely place in the evening into a magical world of light at night. See it change without worrying about energy costs, short-circuits and fire hazards. Bring your garden back into your home instead leaving it out the moment the sun sets. Add a couple or several solar powered garden lights and see the difference before your eyes.

Solar landscape lights fulfill the same purpose as ordinary “plugged-in” garden lights. But the qualification of it being solar takes away a lot of the work, cost and dangers of installing ordinary lights outdoors. In fact, this is where turning to solar energy really shines.

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Lighting changes the way we see things. Correct accents and highlights, muffled tones bring out the best views and angles to the object. In the outdoors, the greater area actually asks for lighter, and if possible, even better lighting.  Outdoor solar lighting is the perfect thing for you! Your garden might be perfectly landscaped during the day, but can be like just this big dark expanse around the house at night. Add lighting to it and your home becomes bigger with the garden inside it.


Turning to solar energy means freedom. It is freedom from the grid, in the sense that there will be no need to keep all those outdoor garden lights rooted to a socket all the way inside your house. Solar energy removes that chore, as well as the inherent maintenance of electrical wiring. Improper wiring can cause short circuits and are potential fire hazards. In contrast, solar powered garden lights have no such lengthy wiring to speak of.

In fact, since there is no wiring, your lights are actually movable. You can keep changing the lighting on your garden when it suits you, because the lighting fixtures are not tied down. Find that perfect combination of lighting placements, and then change it again tomorrow evening. (more…)

Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas Lights – Perfect for Your Holiday Decorations

Welcome the Yuletide season with solar Christmas lights. Watch your power consumption drop compared to the previous season’s power consumption. Celebrate Christmas not worrying about the cost, or about short circuits or wiring. Enjoy the season’s good cheer with the gift of free energy from the sun. No matter how many sets of solar Christmas lights you put up, it will be a very merry Christmas.  The more the merrier!

Solar Christmas lights run on free solar energy. This technology has been improving and improving such that even with less sun, more solar energy can be stored. In fact, even on a rainy day, your solar Christmas lights will glow. It is solar and it is free. And most importantly, it is safe.

Solar Lighting and Celebrating Christmas — Always A Blast

Season after season, there will always be Christmas lights. It is a time to celebrate, and nothing says celebrate than a myriad of lights adorning your home. There are colored lights blinking lights series of patterns of lights to show the mirth of the season. Christmas lights will always be here to stay.
Solar energy means being off the grid. For Christmas lights, this means no more extension cords that lead back to a wall socket. Each set of Christmas lights end in a solar panel, and that is all the wiring they need. No more dangers of short circuits or fire hazards. No more lengthy electrical wiring exposed to the elements of winter. (more…)

Hanging Pendant Light

How to Install a Hanging Pendant Light?

Installing hanging pendant lights is easy and painless, and something a conscientious and detail-oriented homeowner can do for herself. Pendant lights come in all shapes, sizes, and styles; larger pendant lighting may need two people to install. If your lighting fixture pendant is a big guy, then grab a friend and get ready to save some money while gaining a sense of accomplishment, by installing your own pendant light fixture.

There are two ways to go about installing pendant lights — permanently or temporarily. If you plan to put up your ceiling pendant lighting temporarily, you will need an electrical plug, a long wire and some extra decorative chain. The length of the wire and chain is dependent on the distance to where your pendant light fixture will hang, and the nearest outlet. You can measure the distance, add one additional foot, and purchase this amount of wire.

As for the rest of the directions, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that always come with a pendant light fixture. Before starting your installation, take time to remove the original electric supply wire from your light. You can then attach the new and longer wire, and secure the plug at the end of the new wire. Then you will need to put the wire through the links of your chain by looping it in and out along the length of the chain. After this, your pendant lighting can now be hung and is ready to use!

Hanging Pendant Light 2

You may be wondering why pendant lights should be installed temporarily and not permanently? Well, permanently installing a pendant light fixture also has its set of advantages, but the temporary way has benefits too! When you need to clean your lighting pendants, all you need to do is unplug it and take it down. Also, installing your pendant lighting this way makes it easy to move, so if ever you transfer to a new home, it is easy to take your pendant light fixture with you. (more…)

Solar Chandelier

Solar Chandelier: Elegant and Eco-friendly Lighting

Solar chandeliers are one great and green way to light up and enhance the beauty of your home. Powered by renewable solar energy, these chandeliers can be placed at indoor living rooms having sufficient access to sunlight or outdoor gazebos. Generally the chandeliers are made of energy gathering photovoltaic cells that are designed to gather solar energy during the daytime and dispense that energy in the form of light at night. The chandeliers differ in varying degrees in appearance from the normal ornate and decorative chandeliers, with some emulating the traditional structure while others going for a more machinistic look. Consider your aesthetic bent and practical requirements before zeroing on one.

Solar Chandeliers- Pros and Cons

Use of any form of solar energy is a great way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The same goes for solar chandeliers, too. They are green and eco-friendly and make a difference to one’s utility costs too, as electricity-powered chandeliers generally consume a huge amount of energy and are expensive to maintain. In addition, solar-powered chandelier minimizes the heat effect produced by light.

Solar Chandelier

On the downside, lights from these outdoor chandeliers are generally dimmer from the normal ones. If you are looking for dazzling lights to shine up your party, solar chandelier is not the way to go. However they are good enough for everyday use and are also perfect for gazebo lighting. Because one is not expecting very bright lights for gazebos, outdoor solar chandelier or solar chandeliers for gazebos are able to provide the right feel and atmosphere for these places. At the same time, the performance of LED lamps, used for solar chandeliers, has greatly improved in recent years. A six-watt LED lamp is now capable to produce the same amount of light as does a normal 60-watt bulb. So the brightness is not going to be much of an issue in a small gazebo. (more…)

Buying Outdoor Chandeliers for Gazebos

Outdoor chandeliers for gazebos can add to the enjoyment and use of your backyard. However, the consumer cannot just go into a store and buy any chandelier. Like every other aspect of your home the outdoor gazebo chandelier that you choose should fit your needs as well as your personal preference. Let us look at the three main types of outdoor chandeliers.

Electric chandeliers are usually heavier, and more structurally sound, as they are intended to be permanently mounted onto your gazebo or other outdoor area. In order to have this type of chandelier, the gazebo must have electricity running to it. If electricity was run as the gazebo was built, go ahead, purchase the chandelier of your choice, and enjoy. If the need for electricity is there it can be obtained one of two ways. The first option is to run wires from the home to the gazebo. However, this can be unsightly to look at. The second option is to run wiring and bury it underground. Either way, make sure that the wiring is intended for outdoor use, wet and dry conditions, and has the proper UL ratings for complete safety. Since these chandeliers are usually heavier, it is important to ensure that the support from which the chandelier will hang is able to handle the weight. These types of chandeliers usually provide an immense amount of light making it easy to enjoy your backyard well into the night allowing maximum benefit of your investment.

Solar chandeliers are an eco-friendly option. These types of chandeliers are usually lighter and can be moved from place to place around the back yard. The sun’s rays are absorbed during the daylight hours, storing up the energy all day long. At dusk, a solar chandelier will automatically come on and provide lighting for a specific area. Solar light is usually dim, and fades throughout the night, providing for an intimate setting for a small gathering of friends for an evening dinner and conversation. (more…)

Driveway Lights

Effective and Affordable Driveway Lights

Installing driveway lights on your property doesn’t have to be costly or even time consuming.  With some of these amazing fixtures, you can install your lights quickly and easily.  What’s even better is that they will be incredibly effective as well!

Installing Driveway Lights the Right Way

But, even if you buy the best driveway lights, if you install them improperly, you won’t get the best use out of them.  Depending on what type of lights you plan on installing, installation will be a little different.  In general, installing solar driveway lights will be the easiest because you don’t have to run wires or worry about installing the transformer.  But, you do have to still worry about the proper placement of lights.

Installing Marker and Post Lights

If you’re opting for marker or post driveway lighting, such as the Decorative Stainless Steel Driveway Lights, pictured at to the right, the best way to install them is in staggered lines up your driveway.  Many people try to install them in straight lines one after the other, but this really serves to make your driveway more closely resemble an airport runway than anything else!

If you want to avoid this, start at the bottom of your driveway and place a single lamp or marker light and wait until it gets dark  Switch the lamp on and measure the size of the circle of light that it gives off.  This will be bigger for lights that are further off the ground.  Make a note of this.  In the morning, measure roughly measure the diameter of the light circle and place a light on the opposite side of the driveway.  Keep alternating sides the whole way until your reach your home, garage, or carport.  This will make sure that your lights overlap a little bit, but not too much and will make sure your driveway light fixtures avoid that airplane runway look that can ruin an otherwise amazing landscape. (more…)

solar power lights

Four Little Known Facts About Solar Lights

If you’re thinking about installing solar power lights outside your home, you’re well on the way to lifting the appearance of the outside of your home – and keeping money in your wallet. These are only a couple of advantages of solar lighting. Let’s look at what else solar lighting outside the home can do for you.

  1. Outdoor solar lighting costs nothing to run. You’ll need to buy the lights of course, but what’s interesting is that these lights will cost much less than standard flood lights or garden lights that run on electricity. You can have beautiful garden light without adding a penny to your electricity bill.
  2. Using solar energy is good for the environment. It lessens your carbon footprint by reducing greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Using less electricity is a good thing. Because this solar powered lighting runs off the energy produced by the sun, it is free and environmentally friendly.
  3. Using a solar light to brighten your yard is much safer than the alternative. These lights are often placed or staked into the ground along pathways or among gardens. Solar lights don’t get hot to the touch or have electricity running through them. This makes them safe for your children, family pets, and any nature that may come into contact with the light.
  4. Solar powered lighting is the easiest way to give light to a dark area outside your home. With traditional or standard lighting methods such as garden lighting or using outdoor flood lights, there’s much in the way of preparation before you even begin installation of the lights.

If you’re placing electrical lighting onto the outside of your home, prepare to get involved with drilling and running electrical cable into your home. If you’re looking to install electrical lighting among a pathway, the cable must be buried into the ground and run toward the house to be powered. Again, expect much higher electrical bills. Think about how much adding eight or ten more lights to your home will cost per month.

With solar lighting there isn’t much in the way of installation to make the job last for much more than an hour at most. If you’re looking to add the lights among a garden or path, simply stake them onto the ground. That’s really all there is to it.

Solar lighting can make life easier because after its set, you won’t have to think or mess with it. Just sit back and let the sun light your yard at night.

Solar Yard Lights

Economical Solar Yard Lights

Do you know about how much better your home will look at night with yard lighting installed but you think that you don’t have the expertise, time or money to install it? Does the thought of installing transformers and running and burying cables make you cringe in terror? Well, there’s no need to fear because by installing solar yard lights, you can get many of the same benefits as you get with traditional landscape lighting but you won’t have to deal with most of the hassles! The lights listed to the left are some of the lowest prices that you’ll find online, but if you still need some convincing to determine if solar yard light is right for you, read on.

Why Solar Yard Lights?

Installing solar powered yard lights eliminates many of the hassles that otherwise are forced to deal with if you’re installing landscape lighting. There are no wires to run, no transformers to install and no watts to count. Instead, all that you have to do is choose a sunny place to stick your light and place it into the ground.

There are a few limitations to using solar yard lighting, but most of these can be overcome by using wired solar lights. Solar lights that have their own solar panels are limited in their placement and their shape becau0se they need to be placed in the sun and their shape needs to hold enough solar panels to power the light. This usually limits solar lights to larger fixtures like lanterns that have enough surface area on the top to catch the light. Solar lights like this Moonrays 10 Pack of Verona-styled lights are still a great way to light your lawn, but you need to be careful with your choices and your placement.

But, if you instead opt for a wired solar light, you remove these limitations. These are lights that are run by a solar panel, but the solar panel is separate from the lights. So, you are able to place the light in one location and the solar panel in another sunnier location. The lights also come in a lot more different styles because the fixture doesn’t have to hold the light and the solar panel. This 3 pack of floodlights from Malibu pictured to the left is a great example of these type of lights. The solar panel and the high-powered lights can be placed up to 20 feet apart, allowing you to design your yard lights any way you see fit.

Where You Can Use Solar Powered Yard Lights?

You can use your solar powered yard light fixtures nearly anywhere on your property, but they perform when they’re used for lower level lighting much better than when they’re used for higher intensity lighting. This is for two reasons. First, solar lights are usually a little dimmer than their low voltage counterparts because they run on batter power instead of on a direct electrical current. And second because they are slightly more unreliable, especially after a few cloudy and rainy days. Couple these two together and you won’t want to be trusting lighting that you absolutely need, like security lighting, to solar power. (more…)

Specific Lighting for the Visually Impaired

Is There Specific Lighting for the Visually Impaired?

A common misconception is that people who are visually impaired cannot see, so they need not worry about lighting at all. This is untrue; most visually impaired individuals can still see, although in a limited capacity. That is why it is extremely important for them to have specific home lighting that meets their needs and prevents accidents and mishaps.

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places for a vision-impaired individual. He can easily slip, or bump into various things. That’s why extra care is placed on bathroom lighting fixtures for the visually impaired. There is a wide selection of light fixtures that are specifically designed for visually impaired individuals. These include task lights, rope lights, ceiling lighting with dimmers, and shower lights. Keep in mind to place task lighting at task-oriented locations such as under the sink, inside the closets and inside and under cabinets. Over the tub and in a shower stall, it is necessary to install UL-rated wet lights to guide the individual while bathing. For night-time bathroom use, choose motion-detecting rope lights.

LED lighting pendants are also a good choice for bathrooms. LED lights give off a very bright light that may allow a person of low vision to see more. Not only that, but LED lights emit less glare than incandescent lights. This, together with the high contrast of LED lights helps the visually-impaired individual to clearly make out details. (more…)

Home Lighting

Home Lighting Tips: What Lighting Do I Need?

Are you looking to bring a little intimacy to a small group, or trying to make a room festive a social gathering or a party? No matter what mood you’re trying to create, there’s a lighting fixture or lighting style for it. Home Lighting Advice is going to help you determine which ones best suits your need, with general tips for indoor lighting around the home.

An excellent home lighting scheme can make any home more inviting to visitors by combining four basic types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. These types help to enrich styles of home decor and enliven a space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and a comfortable level of brightness that allows the homeowner and guests to move about safely. Also commonly referred to as general lighting and overhead lighting, ambient lighting sets the mood of a room. The best overhead light fixtures throw light into an area, and generally set a room awash with illumination. For these purposes ceiling lighting such as flush ceiling mounts, chandeliers, and alighting pendant or two work like magic. Also, installing a dimmer switch can generate far more possibilities when it comes to finding just the right mood. (more…)