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Home Lighting Tips: What Lighting Do I Need?

Are you looking to bring a little intimacy to a small group, or trying to make a room festive a social gathering or a party? No matter what mood you’re trying to create, there’s a lighting fixture or lighting style for it. Home Lighting Advice is going to help you determine which ones best suits your need, with general tips for indoor lighting around the home.

An excellent home lighting scheme can make any home more inviting to visitors by combining four basic types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting. These types help to enrich styles of home decor and enliven a space.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and a comfortable level of brightness that allows the homeowner and guests to move about safely. Also commonly referred to as general lighting and overhead lighting, ambient lighting sets the mood of a room. The best overhead light fixtures throw light into an area, and generally set a room awash with illumination. For these purposes ceiling lighting such as flush ceiling mounts, chandeliers, and alighting pendant or two work like magic. Also, installing a dimmer switch can generate far more possibilities when it comes to finding just the right mood.

Task Lighting

Task lighting helps a homeowner perform a specific task, whether it’s chopping garlic in the kitchen (use a mini lighting pendant) or reading and playing games in the family room. Track lighting works well for general directional light, and recessed lighting can also be utilized. Task lighting fixtures don’t have a direct affect on the ambiance in a space because they are only used when a chore must be completed.

Accent Lighting

Highlighting certain areas and architectural features of a room, such as crown molding or a particularly lovely arch, accent lighting ties together the mood of a room. It also creates drama in a space when used to spot a wall hanging, collectibles, or special vases. Wall sconces and lighting pendant act as the premier accent lights.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lighting isn’t necessarily a type of lighting itself. Instead, decorative lighting fixtures become part of the space themselves, augmentations to existing decor. These treatments tie the mood of special lighting to the theme of the room, whether it’s French country or Cowboy Western rustic. Chandeliers, wall sconces, lighting pendants, ceiling lighting… Any type of light fixture can be decorative, as long it ties the theme to the light.

As you can see, there are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to choosing, and creating, stunning indoor lighting. Throwing up any old light won’t work, so take care to choose the best possible solutions to yourlighting issues.

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