Driveway Lights

Effective and Affordable Driveway Lights

Installing driveway lights on your property doesn’t have to be costly or even time consuming.  With some of these amazing fixtures, you can install your lights quickly and easily.  What’s even better is that they will be incredibly effective as well!

Installing Driveway Lights the Right Way

But, even if you buy the best driveway lights, if you install them improperly, you won’t get the best use out of them.  Depending on what type of lights you plan on installing, installation will be a little different.  In general, installing solar driveway lights will be the easiest because you don’t have to run wires or worry about installing the transformer.  But, you do have to still worry about the proper placement of lights.

Installing Marker and Post Lights

If you’re opting for marker or post driveway lighting, such as the Decorative Stainless Steel Driveway Lights, pictured at to the right, the best way to install them is in staggered lines up your driveway.  Many people try to install them in straight lines one after the other, but this really serves to make your driveway more closely resemble an airport runway than anything else!

If you want to avoid this, start at the bottom of your driveway and place a single lamp or marker light and wait until it gets dark  Switch the lamp on and measure the size of the circle of light that it gives off.  This will be bigger for lights that are further off the ground.  Make a note of this.  In the morning, measure roughly measure the diameter of the light circle and place a light on the opposite side of the driveway.  Keep alternating sides the whole way until your reach your home, garage, or carport.  This will make sure that your lights overlap a little bit, but not too much and will make sure your driveway light fixtures avoid that airplane runway look that can ruin an otherwise amazing landscape.

Installing Other Forms of Driveway Lighting

Another popular type of driveway lighting is pole lighting, such as the Solar Powered Lamp from Coach Light pictured on the left.  These lights are a great option for smaller driveways that don’t need several fixtures to light.  The light should be mounted on a post several feet high right a the end of your driveway.  This will cast a large circle that will make sure your driveway is easily seen from the road for anyone trying to find your house, and will help other motorists see your car when you’re backing out as well.

A final type of light that you can install on your driveway is a flood light.  Flood lights are generally installed on the side of your house and can be either attached to a switch or motion activated.  Be careful when you’re installing these and always use a shielded light however, because they can very easily blind people as they come up your driveway.  They may not be as nuanced as other forms or lighting, but lights such as the Mr Beams Outdoor Spotlight pictured to the right provide a lot of functional light that is perfect for working on your car or even pickup basketball games in your driveway at night.

From great solar driveway light fixtures used for accents to powerful flood lights, almost any driveway  looks and works better with a little bit of lighting added.  You’re sure to find something that you can use in your driveway by looking through these amazing options and more from Amazon, our trusted merchant.

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