Buying Outdoor Chandeliers for Gazebos

Outdoor chandeliers for gazebos can add to the enjoyment and use of your backyard. However, the consumer cannot just go into a store and buy any chandelier. Like every other aspect of your home the outdoor gazebo chandelier that you choose should fit your needs as well as your personal preference. Let us look at the three main types of outdoor chandeliers.

Electric chandeliers are usually heavier, and more structurally sound, as they are intended to be permanently mounted onto your gazebo or other outdoor area. In order to have this type of chandelier, the gazebo must have electricity running to it. If electricity was run as the gazebo was built, go ahead, purchase the chandelier of your choice, and enjoy. If the need for electricity is there it can be obtained one of two ways. The first option is to run wires from the home to the gazebo. However, this can be unsightly to look at. The second option is to run wiring and bury it underground. Either way, make sure that the wiring is intended for outdoor use, wet and dry conditions, and has the proper UL ratings for complete safety. Since these chandeliers are usually heavier, it is important to ensure that the support from which the chandelier will hang is able to handle the weight. These types of chandeliers usually provide an immense amount of light making it easy to enjoy your backyard well into the night allowing maximum benefit of your investment.

Solar chandeliers are an eco-friendly option. These types of chandeliers are usually lighter and can be moved from place to place around the back yard. The sun’s rays are absorbed during the daylight hours, storing up the energy all day long. At dusk, a solar chandelier will automatically come on and provide lighting for a specific area. Solar light is usually dim, and fades throughout the night, providing for an intimate setting for a small gathering of friends for an evening dinner and conversation.

Candle chandeliers are other eco-friendly types of outdoor chandeliers for your gazebo. These chandeliers are made to hold usually four to eight candles surrounded by glass. The light candles then provide a softer light that is conducive to a more romantic setting. If using candle chandeliers remember that you are dealing with fire. Never leave them unattended, watch for sparks, especially if the grass or surrounding areas are extremely dry, and be extremely careful using these types of chandeliers around young children. With proper use, the candle chandelier will provide a great light source for the intimate gathering.

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