Solar Chandelier

Solar Chandelier: Elegant and Eco-friendly Lighting

Solar chandeliers are one great and green way to light up and enhance the beauty of your home. Powered by renewable solar energy, these chandeliers can be placed at indoor living rooms having sufficient access to sunlight or outdoor gazebos. Generally the chandeliers are made of energy gathering photovoltaic cells that are designed to gather solar energy during the daytime and dispense that energy in the form of light at night. The chandeliers differ in varying degrees in appearance from the normal ornate and decorative chandeliers, with some emulating the traditional structure while others going for a more machinistic look. Consider your aesthetic bent and practical requirements before zeroing on one.

Solar Chandeliers- Pros and Cons

Use of any form of solar energy is a great way to reduce one’s carbon footprint. The same goes for solar chandeliers, too. They are green and eco-friendly and make a difference to one’s utility costs too, as electricity-powered chandeliers generally consume a huge amount of energy and are expensive to maintain. In addition, solar-powered chandelier minimizes the heat effect produced by light.

Solar Chandelier

On the downside, lights from these outdoor chandeliers are generally dimmer from the normal ones. If you are looking for dazzling lights to shine up your party, solar chandelier is not the way to go. However they are good enough for everyday use and are also perfect for gazebo lighting. Because one is not expecting very bright lights for gazebos, outdoor solar chandelier or solar chandeliers for gazebos are able to provide the right feel and atmosphere for these places. At the same time, the performance of LED lamps, used for solar chandeliers, has greatly improved in recent years. A six-watt LED lamp is now capable to produce the same amount of light as does a normal 60-watt bulb. So the brightness is not going to be much of an issue in a small gazebo.

Solar Chandeliers- Which Ones to Buy?

Solar chandeliers come in a wide variety of designs and prices. By far the most popular is the Paradise Cast Aluminum Solar Gazebo Chandelier pictured to the right. Made of cast aluminum and coming in two different colors (black and brown), this chandelier consists of three frosted-glass white shades with each shade containing three LED lamps inside. Most highly reviewed by users, at around $ 70, this product is great for one’s pocket, too.

If you want a brighter, more elegant chandelier, you can opt for the Access Solar 10 Light Chandelierpictured at the left. You’ll pay more for this fixture, its priced at $ 273, but this outdoor chandelier has 10 60-watt LED lamps and gives enough light to light up a big room. It will work in nearly any outdoor area, from a smaller gazebo to a large outdoor covered patio.

All of these solar chandeliers are rated wet, so they can be used in the roughest conditions outdoors – just as long as they stay attached to the roof! You can risk buying a cheap version of these lights at your local Wal-Mart, but if you want the best prices and the best selection, you should be doing your shopping online for fixtures like those already mentioned in the article. So if you have a thing for the chandeliers, consider owning a solar one now. It will be a nice way to light up your place and a worthy eco-friendly gesture, too.

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