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How to Install a Hanging Pendant Light?

Installing hanging pendant lights is easy and painless, and something a conscientious and detail-oriented homeowner can do for herself. Pendant lights come in all shapes, sizes, and styles; larger pendant lighting may need two people to install. If your lighting fixture pendant is a big guy, then grab a friend and get ready to save some money while gaining a sense of accomplishment, by installing your own pendant light fixture.

There are two ways to go about installing pendant lights — permanently or temporarily. If you plan to put up your ceiling pendant lighting temporarily, you will need an electrical plug, a long wire and some extra decorative chain. The length of the wire and chain is dependent on the distance to where your pendant light fixture will hang, and the nearest outlet. You can measure the distance, add one additional foot, and purchase this amount of wire.

As for the rest of the directions, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that always come with a pendant light fixture. Before starting your installation, take time to remove the original electric supply wire from your light. You can then attach the new and longer wire, and secure the plug at the end of the new wire. Then you will need to put the wire through the links of your chain by looping it in and out along the length of the chain. After this, your pendant lighting can now be hung and is ready to use!

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You may be wondering why pendant lights should be installed temporarily and not permanently? Well, permanently installing a pendant light fixture also has its set of advantages, but the temporary way has benefits too! When you need to clean your lighting pendants, all you need to do is unplug it and take it down. Also, installing your pendant lighting this way makes it easy to move, so if ever you transfer to a new home, it is easy to take your pendant light fixture with you.

However, if you wish to install your pendant light fixture permanently, Gold Coast Light can help you with that too. A permanent lighting fixtures pendant will come with most of its parts assembled. There may be some glass parts or other decorative embellishments that you need to install, but that is about it. Once you’ve put the parts together, all that is left is the wiring. To address this, you’ll need a wire cutter, a screwdriver, electrical tape — and some basic electrical skills of course.

Start your permanent installation by shutting off the power that connects to that light fixture. Then, if old pendant lighting is still hanging from the ceiling, take care to remove it, making sure to leave the wires. Next, follow the manufacturer’s directions as to how to install your new pendant lighting. The basics involve attaching the support and the new fixture to the ceiling outlet box. The electrical wires also need to be attached to wires on the new pendant light. Finally, screw the light onto the ceiling and put in some light bulbs, making sure they are of the correct wattage. The last step is turning the electricity back on and checking to see if your light works!

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